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Use the 5 “C” Tools for Excellence 

Many of us are seeking to improve our lives. We want to make a bigger difference in our work and family as well as our personal and spiritual life. If we apply the five C’s for excellence we will see an improvement in our life!

The first C is a CLOCK. We must seek to manage our time better and focus on our priorities. “What time is it?” is the most oft asked question in America. (The second most asked question is “Where’s the check?”) We must learn to use and manage our time to meet our goals and dreams.

The second C is a CALENDAR. Every successful and productive person uses some kind of planner/calendar. You can use a simple lo-tech, free calendar with boxes for each day to set your plans and goals. Or you can get a really detailed planner or even go hi-tech with a computer calendar or palm pilot. You need to use this to plan your year and record goals, and even make a note of events that point to your progress.

The third C is a COMPASS. This is a way to check that your goals and plans are actually getting you where you want to go and that you will be happy with the results. There is a special wrist watch that has a button to press which illuminates a real compass below the clock face. The idea is to stay on time, but more than that to stay on course. Make sure your life-compass is involved to keep you headed the “right direction.” A wise person once observed: “It is more important to be on course than it is to be on schedule.” We need to be sure we are going the right direction as well as being on time and date.

The fourth C is a COMPUTER. In order to be successful in today’s world, computer knowledge is desirable so you can more efficiently organize, plan, research, communicate, create, report and do your banking on-line for free. Computers are great for young people, but older adults and seasoned citizens can appreciate and enjoy them even more! You can research and e-mail at no cost and in moments instead of days.

The fifth C is the CROSS of CHRIST. It is the most important "C" to you, your family and friends. Without Jesus in our lives we are handicapped and hindered from being our best. Jesus asked, “for what is a man profited if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul,” Matt. 16:26. We should glory in the Cross of Christ, Gal. 6:14.

Putting this entire tool-box of 5-C’s in action results in fantastic ways to set and accomplish your goals. Clock, Calendar, Compass, Computer, and the Cross of Christ all diligently and prayerfully applied will produce amazing results.                                —Ivy Conner


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