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Lessons We Can Learn from King SaulKing Saul and the Witch of Endor
GOD DOES EXIST - THE REALITY OF GODHow do we know God is real Philosophically?
50+ Things That SaveWe are not saved by faith alone.
Cowboy ChurchCompare teachings of the Cowboy Church with what the Bible teaches
History of Denominational Origins Chart
Immorality USA by Ivy ConnerMore and more American is becoming an immoral and permissive cluture.
JAMES & JESUS SHAKE HANDSAre Jesus’ Teachings Part of the New Testament? YES This Mega-Ton Bomb destroys the Acts 2 theory
NAMES OF JESUSThe Bible has many names for Jesus. Listed here are 122 of them.
Compare versions of the BibleCompare KJV, NIV, NASV, NKJV
Fruit of the Spirit by Ivy ConnerDo you have the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9)? Check the fruit
W-W-J-D by Ivy ConnerWhat Would Jesus do?
Honor your Father (s) by Ivy ConnerHonor both your heavenly and earthly father.
Heaven or Hell by Ivy ConnerWhat does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell?
Jesus Changes Lives by Ivy ConnerHow can Jesus change your life?
The Bible Endures
Cell Phone vs. the Bible
Going Back to School? by Ivy Conner
Study the Bible Today by Ivy Conner
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