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Free Articles
Read the Bible - Great Men & the BibleWhat famous men have said about the Bible.
What Must I Do To Be Saved?What does the Bible say?
Recipe for a Happy New YearWhat does Happy New Year mean?
Dead? or Alive?Giving? or Receiving?
"Think Snow?" or "Think Souls?" by Ivy ConnerSnow is important, but which has more eternal significance?
Use the 5 "C" Tools for ExcellenceStrive for EXCELLENCE in your life.
Think It Over - a RiddleWhat is the answer to this riddle?
Vain, Empty, Worthless Worship by Ivy ConnerDoes God accept all worship?
Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney (adapted)Prejudice can be deadly!
Slow Me Down Lord by Wilfred A. PetersonRemember each day what is important.
Profanity by Ivy ConnerDon't Cuss! Call Guss...
Survival of the FittestSee John 8:31-32
Evolution - The Monkey's ViewpointSee Psalm 33:6-9
My Political Spectrum by Ivy ConnerPolitically, where are we today as a country?
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