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“Study the Bible Today!” 

Why do we need Bible knowledge and understanding?
  ...Because man cannot live by bread alone, Matthew 4:4;
  ...because the words are Spirit and life, John 6:63; we will not reject the words of Jesus, John 12:48, Rev.20:12; we know to accept God’s Word and be completely equipped (furnished) to every good work of God and man, II Timothy 3:14-17.

You CAN understand your Bible (John 8:31-32; Acts 17:11; Ephesians 3:3-5; II Timothy 2:15). However, realize the difference between Bible “reading” and Bible “study.” DO BOTH! Meditate on your reading and study (Psalm 1:2; Philippians 4:8-9; I Timothy 4:13–15).

Learn to “rightly divide” God's word. All God's word is true and is for our learning (John 17:17; Romans 15:4; I Corinthians 10:11), but learn what part of the Bible applies to us today and what part is written to others.  (Build thee an ark of gopher wood—to Noah for us to learn from).

We must keep verses of Scripture in their proper context.  The meaning of a passage will be clarified by the verses before and after it. Wresting a passage out of context and applying it indiscriminately leads to false teaching (II Peter 3:16).  ALWAYS look at the context to determine if an application of the passage is correct. Note the Devil's miss-use of Psalm 91:11-12 in Matthew 4:5-7; and of Genesis 3:3-4 to Eve.

Pray before you study (and after). Ask for wisdom in applying Bible knowledge (James 1:5).

After all this, and most importantly—Just Do It, “be ye doers of the Word and not (forgetful) hearers only,” James 1:22-24; Matthew 7:21-23.

Study the Bible because it provides you with the one and only love letter from God, and wonderful words of life. Jesus said “search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life,” John 5:39 and He said “thy word is truth,” John 17:17, and He said, the word is Spirit and life, John 6:63!

Here are three ways to know your Bible better:
   (1) Read and study it by yourself, Acts 17:11. 
(2) Come to church and learn from qualified teachers, Ephesians 4:11-16 and 
(3) Call me, and I will study the Bible with you free of charge—Ivy Conner at (361) 343-2778

We study the Bible and the Bible only! Jesus promised that by continuing in His word, we can know the truth and the truth will set us free, see John 8:31-32. .   

© Ivy Conner

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