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“W-W-J-D or W-J-W-D or W-W-Y-D-W-J?”
Jesus taught many simple and powerful things!

The way to God is straight and narrow, and few go there. The way to destruction is wide and broad, and many go that way, Matthew 7:13-14.

Many are deceived and think they are doing God’s will, Matthew 7:21-23. Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life, see John 14:6.

Many ask  WWJD  (What Would Jesus Do)? Jesus would do “the right thing.” Will you?

Instead of WWJD, the first question should be, WWYDWJ  (What Will You Do With Jesus)?  Will you deny Him? Will you believe Him? Disobey Him? Argue with Him? WWYDWJ?

Jesus said, “go preach” the word! That’s WJWD (What Jesus Would Do)! Jesus said go preach the gospel to every creature and baptize those who believe, Mark 16:16! That's WJWD. Jesus would baptize people that they might be saved! That’s WJWD!

WWYDWJ? What will you do with Jesus? Many want to argue, deny and reject. Christ’s disciples on the other hand must trust and obey! Lip service is not enough, Luke 6:46. There is something we must do!  See Matthew 7:21; Matthew 6:33. 
© Ivy Conner

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